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Clan Description in English

Beitrag von xX_dObIiIi_Xx am Mo März 29, 2010 10:13 pm

Our Clan was made up by Victor (F.C.Porz) in July 2008. It is called after the most important cup in Southern America, but we aren´t a spanish-speaking Clan, it´s only the name. The official language of our clan is German. Most of the members are from Germany or Austria, but there also a few teams from Russia or from Argentina.

A few months ago we were the 7th best clan in the game, but today we´re trying hard to get back to the top10 list.

Our clan has got a main clan (Copa Libertadores) and two Clans for Newbies (Copa Libertadores B and C). So we´re playing in a 9league-system. Of course we´ve got a own homepage and a own forum.



Der Worldcupsieger von morgen!!!!
Ihr werdet schon sehen!!!!

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